A very good weekend!

It was another great weekend for the Ivins.  Emmarie got to take part for the first time in the annual Italian Christmas cookie making at Grammy’s house the day after Thanksgiving.  The baking utensals were definitely a favorite of hers.  On Saturday night we all went to Del Mar street in San Clemente for Puttin on the Glitz.  This was Emmarie’s very first glimpse of Santa Clause, and boy did he look cool coming down the street on a fire truck.  By Sunday we were all ready for a little rest.  So Emmarie decided to drive us all around town.  We couldn’t let the weekend go by though without a trip to the mall and a photo on Santa’s lap.  That photo will be posted later.  Sunday night ended in a great victory for Dad.  After an uncertain start the Vikings rallied and beat the Bears.  Not a bad weekend. Emmarie getting in on thingsGreat Grams baking shirt!?helping!driving moms car

One Response to A very good weekend!

  1. erin a says:

    OMG is that your parents’ new kitchen!!??!?!?! WOW! it’s rad!

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