Happy Valentines Day!

So Spike and I had our Valentine date on Friday night.  If you’ve never eaten at Cafe 207, we highly recommend it.  The food was amazing as usual.  We thought for the day of we’d do something really fun with the Misses.  Nothing better than a snow day!  We got the crazy idea to head off to Wrightwood (or Mountain High) area since it isn’t too far from home, and they have plenty of the white stuff.  The drive out wasn’t too bad at all.  We got to the mountain in about an hour and half, and Emmarie was ready to be out of her seat by then.  After we bundled her up, we let her do her thing.snow-day-004So we didn’t have mittens for Emmarie so our first idea was to put warm socks on her hands, and then we stopped at a general store on the way up and Spike bought her a disc, and the smallest mittens he could find.  As you can tell from the picture above the mittens were huge, and they didn’t stay on.  That however didn’t stop her!  She and the snow had a love hate relationship.  There were times she loved it, and times she hated it.  It made her mad not being able to walk on it.  Her little snow boots had no traction on them making for a bit of a slippery situation.  All in all it was a fun trip up, and definitely a memorable 1st trip for Mom and Dad.snow-day-008




One Response to Happy Valentines Day!

  1. heather says:

    HILARIOUS!!!! Soo cute! What a memorable day

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