A series of dog bed photos

March 14, 2009

Emmarie dosn’t seem to understand the idea of a dog bed!  It’s the new comfy spot in the family room for her to hang out in with or with out Herman!  Check out Herman’s expression.  Those eyes are screaming HELP ME!  This is a collection of all the best photos.img_2018





Some photos from last month that never made it up…

March 11, 2009



Nothing!  I wasn’t doing anything.  I wasn’t trying to fit myself through the dog door mom!  I was just throwing all my toys out there!

A lot more to come!

March 4, 2009

emmarie-strollerHere’s a photo from our walk on Sunday in Dana Point harbor courtesy of Erin Adams!  I have lots of photos to post, but between work and the little one, life has been a bit busy!  Check back from more real soon.